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    Why Choose Swagger Stalker Lite™ Shooting Sticks?

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    Why Choose Swagger Stalker Lite™ Shooting Sticks?

    Experience Unmatched Convenience and Performance

    The Swagger Stalker Lite™ shooting sticks are designed with the modern shooter in mind, offering unmatched convenience and performance. Here’s why you should consider them for your next adventure:

    Choose Swagger Stalker Lite™ shooting sticks for a seamless and efficient shooting experience. Adapt quickly, target precisely, and move confidently across any terrain with this innovative tool.

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  • Firearm Training for Men with Johan van Wyk


    Attention, men! Are you looking to improve your shooting accuracy and speed, whether for sport shooting or self-defense? Johan van Wyk offers one-on-one firearm training tailored to your needs, no matter your skill level.

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    Swagger Black Hunter 29 Bipod

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    Swagger Black Hunter 29 Bipod

    The Hunter Series system was designed with the hunter in mind. The Hunter bipods boast an extensive range of maneuverability and are designed to adapt to the unique challenges of hunting. In the field, there are no controlled environments, and being able to quickly adapt gives control and the ability to maintain target to take the shot that counts.

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    Norica Spider GRS 5.5mm

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    Norica Dragon 5.5mm Air Rifle

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    Adventure Pack

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    2023 F1 Wall Mounted Tracks Collection

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    FROZEN 25L Mini Cooler (12V)

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    PEPPERBALL Mobile Kit

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    PEPPERBALL Compact Non-Lethal Launcher

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    SWAGGER Steelbanger Basic Bipod

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    SWAGGER Hunter 42 Bipod

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    Introducing the Hunter Series Bipods: Designed for the Hunter in Mind

    The Hunter Series bipods are crafted to meet the unique challenges of hunting. In the unpredictable conditions of the field, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Our bipods offer an extensive range of maneuverability, allowing you to adapt quickly and maintain control, so you can take the shot that counts.

    Expand Your Shooting Zone with Swagger

    Our all-terrain bipods are equipped with revolutionary FlexReady Leg Technology, providing unmatched shooting agility. Whether you’re in prone, sitting, or standing position, our bipods adapt to any terrain or situation.

    Key Features:

    • Versatile Shooting Positions: Easily shoot from prone, sitting, or standing positions.
    • Recoil Management: Manages recoil for quicker follow-up shots.
    • Automatic Leg Deployment: Shock-corded legs automatically connect when deployed.
    • Extended Reach: Legs extend up to 41.5″.

    Choose the Hunter Series bipods and gain the confidence to adapt and succeed in any hunting scenario.

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    Piexon JPX Jet Protector 2 Shot Live Magazine – Black

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