Couple’s Stainless Steel Keyring Gift Box Set


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Couple’s Stainless Steel Keyring Gift Box Set

Made to last forever. Two beautify made, smooth, brushed stainless steel key rings complemented with high quality laser marking and wrapped up in a walnut box with a glass engraved Perspex lid. With no hinges or clips the only thing holding the key rings and lid to the box is high quality craftsmanship and friction.

The key ring brace can be removed so that the box can also be re-purposed to display any other love symbol or just as a very nice box.

As with anything made by Unexpected Worx, only premium materials are used, but please do not use this box outdoors as the wood is not water resistant and may get damaged when it comes into direct contact with water.

Key Ring Size : 25x70mm

What’s in the box
2 x 1.5mm Brushed Stainless Steel laser marked key ring with chain and ring.
1 x 3mm walnut veneered box with removable friction brace.
1 x 3mm “Glass Look” transparent Perspex lid

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