CR Speed Ultra Belt (44)


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Our new CR Speed “ULTRA” Belt – “Reg Design Pend.” features a dual outer layer material which enhances rigidity & has an striking appearance with the integration of reflective thread incorporated into the color section of the belt.

The “ULTRA” Range Features:

  • CR Speed Interwoven Inner “Our New CR Speed “ULTRA” Range Belt Features a CR Speed branded Inner Belt, so you can be sure that you are getting an authentic CR Speed Belt.”
  • Embossed CR Speed Belt Clasp Logo “Our new “ULTRA” belt features a Embossed rubber CR Speed Logo on the belt clasp for visual enhancement.”
  • CR Speed Outer Belt Logo “The new CR Speed “ULTRA” Range Belt features a small CR Speed Logo on the outer belt.”
  • Profiled Inner Tip “Our new belts features a profiled tip on the Inner Belt to aid the threading of the Inner belt through shooting pants belt loops.
  • Colour Strip “Our new belt integrates a centered colour strip stitched with reflective thread for visual & aesthetic enhancement.”
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