Fobus – (6909SF) 9mm magazine + surefire/similar flashlight



This product has the following fits:

Light/Mag Combos for 9mm & .40 caliber Double-Stack Double Magazines (fits Glock & H&K USP),

Olight M2R Warrior

• Holds a 1” flashlight and extra magazine
• Lightweight design
• Low profile design for concealability

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For paddle option, place the paddle inside your pants and firmly push the paddle down until the paddle fits inside your pants on your belt leaving the holster on the outside of your pants. For belt option, slide your belt through the belt attachment. Always tighten your belt with either mounting option to ensure retention of your Fobus product. The location of your Fobus product around your waist is based upon personal preference.Fobus products with tension adjustment screws are not pre-set. You must adjust the screw to ensure proper retention of your firearm or magazine. Always check the adjustment screw each time you use your Fobus product to confirm proper retention.

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