Gamo 4.5mm P430 CO2 Dual Ammo Air Pistol


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The P-430 CO2 powered air pistol shoots both .177 caliber pellets and BBs at 495 feet per second. This pistol comes with a pellet clip that holds 16 rounds (each end of the magazine features a rotary clip holding eight pellets each).

The P-430 features a textured grip and a tactical rail underneath the barrel that allows mounting accessories like lasers or lights. It also features semi-auto action and fixed sights. CAUTION: Only use standard-skirt pellets with Gamo CO2 pistols. To avoid damaging your magazine, never use long-skirt pellets, such as Red Fire, Blue Flame, Glow Fire, PBA Bullet, Magnum, Master Point, Armor, Lethal, Rocket or TS-10.


Calibre: 4.5mm (.177)
Velocity: 495 FPS with alloy pellets
Action: Single / Double
Magazine: 16 Pellets / BB Double Magazine (8×2)
Powerplant: CO2 12gr.
Barrel: Smooth bore barrel
Slide: Non-blowback
Safety: Manual
Rail: Tactical accessory rail
Sights: Fixed sights
Weight: 0.951 lbs
Ammunition: .177 Cal Pellets / BB’s. CAUTION: Use only standard skirt pellets to avoid damaging your magazine. Do NOT use pellets like the Red Fire, PBA Bullet, Magnum, Master Point, Lethal or TS-10

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