The Sergeant (IWB)



Inside The Waistband Holster.

Premium Leather.

Available for;

Glock 17/22/19/23

CZ P10

Out of stock

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Built using the finest Leather, premium Kydex®, and Neoprene fabric.

The Sergeant is perfectly shaped for ultimate comfort in the appendix position or in any of the traditional IWB carry positions, while ensuring what you are carrying is secure and concealed.

The Sergeant Holster is a tuckable holster, allowing the wearer to tuck his/her shirt for the ultimate in concealment.

It is adjustable for retention, allowing adjustment for the perfect draw retention, and held in place by a nylon belt loop.

The Sergeant has a ultra-comfortable neoprene layer that hugs the wearer’s body.

All the Sergeant holsters are available in FDE also.

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