Vanguard VEO HD2 1042M Monocular Smartphone Digiscoping Kit


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Introducing the Vanguard VEO HD2 1042M Monocular Smartphone Digiscoping Kit – your ultimate companion for capturing stunning images and videos of the world around you. Designed for nature enthusiasts, photo/video hobbyists, and professionals alike, this kit combines the power of a high-quality monocular with the convenience of smartphone digiscoping.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary clarity and contrast provided by the premium HOYA ED glass lenses. With 10x magnification and a 42mm objective lens, this monocular brings you 10 times closer to the action, allowing you to witness the smallest details with unparalleled precision. Whether you’re observing wildlife, capturing sports events, or enjoying scenic landscapes, this kit ensures you never miss a moment.

The included PA-60 smartphone adapter takes your digiscoping experience to the next level. Attach your smartphone effortlessly to the monocular, enabling you to capture

breathtaking photos and videos directly through the monocular’s optics. Say goodbye to blurry images and hello to professional-grade results, as this kit empowers you to unleash your creativity and share your adventures with friends and family.

Weighing a mere 11.5 ounces and boasting a compact design, this monocular is built for convenience. It easily slips into your backpack or pocket, making it the ideal companion for all your outdoor explorations. The waterproof and fog-proof construction ensures the monocular performs flawlessly even in challenging weather conditions, guaranteeing its longevity and reliability.

With its user-friendly features, the VEO HD2 1042M Monocular Smartphone Digiscoping Kit is perfect for both novices and experienced photographers. The textured focus wheel allows for smooth and precise adjustments, even when your hands are cold or wet. The rubber armor not only protects the monocular from bumps and scratches but also provides a secure grip, ensuring it stays firmly in your hands.

To safeguard your investment, we provide an eye cover, objective lens cover, and a protective pouch, allowing you to store and transport the kit with peace of mind. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shines through in every detail of this kit.

Unlock a new world of visual possibilities with the Vanguard VEO HD2 1042M Monocular Smartphone Digiscoping Kit. Elevate your photography and videography skills, capture incredible moments, and preserve memories in stunning clarity. Order yours today and embark on a journey of discovery like never before.

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